Commissioner for Kangaroo Island proposed

A Bill has been introduced by Deputy Premier John Rau to establish a Parliamentary Act for a 'Commissioner for Kangaroo Island' to deliver improvements for the management, coordination and delivery of services provided by Government agencies to Kangaroo Island.

The Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Bill 2014 progressed through the House of Assembly with amendments in the Third Reading following debate on 16, 17 and 18 September 2014. The amended Bill was received in the Legislative Council on 23 September 2014. The amended Bill will now be debated and may be further amended in the next stage in the progression of the Bill. Any amendments must also be agreed by the House of Assembly for the Bill to become operating legislation.

Download the Fact Sheet and Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Bill here.

The Kangaroo Island Futures Authority (KIFA) has made outstanding progress over the past 2.5 years towards addressing the Island's key issues and creating opportunities. Click here to download the KIFA Achievements to May 2014 fact sheet.

The role of the Kangaroo Island Futures Authority (KIFA) is to:

  • deliver economic, environmental and social sustainability and a viable and prosperous community now and into the future
  • coordinate government service delivery to Kangaroo Island
  • increase the Island's social prosperity.

The Kangaroo Island Futures Authority was formed by the South Australian Government in 2011 on the recommendation of the State Economic Development Board's Paradise Girt by Sea report.

KIFA is overseen by an advisory board led by the Chair of the Economic Development Board and provides advice to the Deputy Premier.

Find out more about the South Australian Tourism Commission's Kangaroo Island campaign and watch this SATC video "There's nothing like Kangaroo Island": 

KIFA is working with the State Government, the Kangaroo Island Council, and islanders to unlock opportunities for Kangaroo Island’s future. Click here to find out more.